Red Devils tutor at Maywood Public Library


Read to Lead, whose members donate their time to tutor young children, is known for tutoring kids throughout our community. However, these leaders also travel far distances to reach out to even more kids. Of the four locations that club members travel to, Maywood Public Library has been a tutoring destination for over 10 years. “The great thing about this location is it’s the only one that’s a library, so we’ve been able to help more kids,” said Anjali Thakrar, senior and club co-president. Other locations include Madison Elementary School, Anne M. Jeans School, and other locations throughout the inner city.

Volunteering in Maywood has proved to be a valuable experience for tutors, and this has made it one of the locations that students continue to visit. “It’s a lot different students from Hinsdale, and it’s a great experience to be able to form a one-on-one relationship with these kids. We’re not only able to help them with homework, but we also mentor them and help them with anything that they need,” Thakrar said. “The last day of our session is always sad as we say goodbye to the kids who we’ve been working with and who we’ve become friends with, but it definitely makes us feel like we’re really helping them and making a difference.”

As the club continues to expand and add new locations to its tutoring venues, Maywood will continue to be an important location that Hinsdale Central students visit. “We’ve been working with a few different schools and libraries in order to find new places to tutor, but Maywood is still an important location that we visit weekly,” Thakrar said.