Mock Trial visits Occupy Harvard

On the weekend of Nov. 11, several members of the Hinsdale Central Mock Trial Team were able to enter Harvard Yard to discuss the recent Occupy Harvard movements with the protesters. Though the Yard has been under lockdown to prevent non-students from taking part in the protest, the Mock Trial team was allowed access to the campus so that it could attend the ongoing Harvard Mock Trial Seminar.

Junior Max Cornell and Freshman Zach Wong talked to Liane Speroni, a Harvard student who was camped out in the Yard. The two students asked Speroni about the motivations behind the protests.

“Though we’re working on setting out specific goals, we are working for a lot of things that affect the working class,” said Speroni, a Harvard Extension School student. “We are tired of the working class taking the brunt of the risks, and we want to make a change.”

Cornell asked her about the hypocrisy associated with Harvard’s movement due to the fact that many of the leaders of corporations, which the movement is protesting, come from universities like Harvard.

Speroni agreed that many corporations were tied with the university, but indicated her belief that it did not truly matter. “We’re all interconnected, and no one’s pure. We’re all somehow connected to those massive financial institutions. We can do something to change it,” Speroni said.

Speroni also noted her belief that Occupy Harvard has a larger impact on the nation. “It’s all about getting people to think from a different perspective, and I think that’s great,” she said. “If people can start looking at things in a new way, we’ll have done our job.”