New honors options in Technology Education

This year, the Technology Education Department (Tech Ed) introduced honors course options to students in specific areas.  The courses are directed towards, “Those who are pursuing those fields,” said Mr. Mike Ivancich, Tech Ed department chairman.  Two honors courses are available in each of the following Tech Ed programs: graphic communications, engineering, and photography.

Graphic communications has honors options in desktop publishing and web design. The honors courses in photography include Digital Color Photography and Advanced Photography.  Engineering Graphics and Advanced Engineering and Architecture are the two available honors options in the engineering program.

“Students enroll in these courses and then they are informed about it and apply for the honor option.  And then we look at things like GPA, performance in past courses, and the reason they’re taking the course,” Ivancich said.

“Their curriculum will be more rigorous and challenging,” Ivancich said.  According to Ivancich, the teachers will expect a professional level of completion in student work.
 The students will be able to take courses from the Tech Ed Department for all four years of high school and motivated students in pursuit of a particular field will be given the option of honors courses.  “There is a full sequence of courses from
 fundamentals to Web design to Desktop Publishing to Multimedia in an advanced course that gives them a range of opportunity to develop their skills and follow their passion,” Ivancich said.

Mr. Ivancich believes that these courses prepare students well for college and that some will find themselves ahead of the game.  “It sends the messages to the college that you’re interested in the area,” Ivancich said. “This is going to be a great opportunity for motivated students.”