Specialty health food served in cafeteria


Quest, the cafeteria food provider for Hinsdale Central, began featuring a new lunch line starting January 2012. As a part of its new program known as “Quest for Life,” the cafeteria now features specialty health foods every day during lunch periods. This change resulted from increased student demand for healthier options, and so far the change has been well received.

Cafeteria worker Mary Diorio confirmed that the new lunch line has been a success so far. “A lot of students here are very health conscious, and it’s important for us to offer them healthy options,” said Diorio. Included in these new options are salads made to order, fresh fruit, freshly made hamburgers, chicken, and hand-rolled sushi. Diorio said, “people come into school at four or five o’clock in the morning to make the sushi each day it is offered.”

Though the prices are slightly higher than those of other foods in the cafeteria, Diorio said that it is only a 10 to 20 cent difference, due to the higher prices of organic foods used to make these foods. Despite this price difference, students are still enthusiastic about their new choices in the cafeteria. Diorio believes that the new lunch menu will continue to be successful and “is here to stay.”