Varsity Club organizes Spirit Week

Varsity Club organizes Spirit Week


Varsity Club is once again organizing the biannual Spirit Week here at Hinsdale Central. But this time, there’s a new aspect: a competition will be held to see which grade can bring in the most donations needed for nearby homeless.

Food stamps aren’t able to cover necessities like toiletries and baby supplies, which is why food banks are in great need of these products. “We decided that instead of competing to dress up for different themes, the classes could compete in a way that helps people,” said Claire Walker, senior and member of Varsity Club.

Freshman will bring bar soap and dish soap, sophomores will provide toothpaste and toothbrushes, juniors will bring cereal, seniors will provide deodorant and shampoo, and staff will bring diapers and feminine products. The donations will be placed in sorted bins by the door and donated at the end of the week.

The fundraiser has been a long time in the making; Varsity Club has been working on Spirit Week since just after Homecoming, and has been working on the charity drive since early December. Walker said, “All of the dress days are ideas that we brain storm and vote for in Varsity Club meetings. One dress day always goes along with the theme of the upcoming dance. Since Turnabout’s theme is Glow, we have Neon Day.”

Spirit Week is a staple at Central, kicking off a new semester, helping students get over the stress from final exams, and getting students excited for an upcoming dance. Walker said, “I love the dress days because I like going all-out for my own outfits and then getting to school and seeing the things other people wear. Passing periods are just more fun.” Senior Divya Kirti also enjoys dress-up days during spirit week. Kirti said, “The whole week is fun because it’s a great way to unite the school through simple things like dress days.”

Spirit Week is Jan. 30 – Feb. 3, ending with Red and White Day on Friday.