BDTW tries new approach to skits

BDTW tries new approach to skits

Breaking Down the Walls (BDTW) performed skits about bullying and other school issues at Butler Middle School on Thursday, Feb. 19.

Mrs. Pam Kalafut, activities director, organized the event and about 30 BDTW members participtated.  Kalafut said that the performance consisted of skits written by Sarah Downey and Paige McClain and a question-answer segment afterward.

“Sarah and Paige actually called over to Butler to ask, ‘What are your issues?  What is it that your kids are dealing with?’”  Kalafut said.

“We wanted to take situations that were really going on in Butler, and we wanted to have the students at Butler realize the impacts,” Sarah Downey , senior, said.  “We wanted to break it down and make it a situation that they would recognize.”

Downey said that the skits differed in scenarios that were prevalent on the school campus, such as being new to school, or having to sit with “popular kids.”

Kalafut said that similar presentations will be held at neighboring schools.  “We’ve been invited to CHMS, Westview, and Downers Grove South, so we’ve got a big year,” Kalafut said.

Kalafut regarded to this year as a “banner year” for BDTW.  “I think that our sophomore skit was the best in ten years; it was flawless. Kalafut also said that alongside school invitations, BDTW has also been invited to present its skits during school conferences. “I’m proud to be a part of this,” she said.