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Unifaith club takes new perspective on religious unity


Religious unity among students is the main focus of Central’s newest club, Unifaith. The club’s first meeting was Tuesday, Feb. 14, and it is expected to meet every three weeks on Wednesdays in Room 223 from now on.

“The goal of our club is to promote inter-religious cooperation by organizing charitable events and projects to connect the youth of multiple religions,” said one of Unifath’s founders, sophomore Jake Hall. Unifaith intends to bring together Central’s students by overcoming religious intolerance through service projects and charitable events.

Battling prejudice has been addressed by students before in other clubs such as Breaking Down The Walls, the Upper Room, and the Muslim Student Association. However, some students felt as though these clubs further divided peers by their religious groups instead of uniting them.

“I feel like even though there’s no specific racism at Central, there’s still some intolerance here,” said Eileen Malecki, sophomore.

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Unifaith believes that prejudice is still very much present at Central and that there is a better way to fight it.

“We have all experienced some kind of prejudice growing up, and we believe that part of the reason is that there is often a lack of understanding among people of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. There is no club at Central like this, and we believe that through this club, we can make the school community more closely knit,” Hall said.

However, the new club still may face some challenges in making a difference at Central. “Part of it is just getting established and making people aware of what the club is and what it’s about,” said club sponsor Andrew Laux.

The club may also face some religious boundaries from existing religious organizations. Hall said, “People may have trouble with the idea of the club because they may misconstrue it as a religious group. We are not a religious group.”

Unifaith will prove to be a valued addition to Central’s boastful array of extracurriculars and gives a new look on how present religious toleration is present within our school. Hall, along with other founders Michael Bromberg, Vishal Patel, Safaan Syed, and Chris Syregelas, are working to establish the club and its principles. Hall said, “The more we learn about other religions, the more respect we will build among participants of all religions.”


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