New plans for bus drop-off

New plans for bus drop-off

Next school year,  Central students will come back from their summer holidays to a completely different bus drop-off system. No longer will students be dropped off at the front of the building; they will now be dropped off at the back of the building via a new driveway.

Mr. Pat Hurley,  head of the Buildings and Grounds Department, said that these changes shouldn’t make too much of a difference.

“The front drop-off lane will now have space for visitor parking, but will still be a place for cars to drop students off,” Hurley said. “And with the buses getting their own new drop-off lane, traffic at the front of the school will flow a lot more smoothly.”

Hurley states that the new bus-only drop-off lane will be built near the back of the school. “Right now, we’re planning on making this driveway off of 57th Street near the water tower. Buses will enter and exit from 57th,” Hurley said. “It will be constructed over the summer and will definitely be done by next school year.”

Basil Arain, junior, has some concerns with the new project. “Diverting all the bus traffic onto that one stretch of 57th street is probably going to cause a lot of traffic problems because 57th street is a lot smaller than 55th. People won’t be used to all the traffic once school comes around,” Arain said.

Hurley and Arain both agree on one thing, though. They both believe that this change will not cause any major disruptions in the life on Central students. “I think the students will adjust pretty quickly,” Hurley said.