MSA hosts Islamic Awareness Week

MSA hosts Islamic Awareness Week

The Muslim Student Association will be hosting Islamic Awareness Week from March 12-16 before and after school.  Varying activities and events will be hosted for each day, ranging from bake sales and open-houses about Islam to a Fast-a-thon and a breakfast.

Students of MSA hope to raise awareness about Islam.  Yasmeen Jibrin, a senior board member on MSA, said, “We as a club are hoping to bring attention and clear misconceptions surrounding Islam.” Similarly, Mrs. Janet Mark,  social studies teacher at Central, said that the club hopes to gain greater mutual respect and understanding.

This is the first year that MSA will host Islamic Awareness Week at the school.  In previous years, MSA has held Fast-at-thons during Islam’s religious month, Ramadan.  As part of the week’s events, the club is encouraging friends and teachers to join in the Fast-a-thon.  “Many non-Muslims always wonder whether or not fasting is difficult for Muslims, and this is an opportunity for them to try it out for themselves,” Jibrin said. “Although it will not be an all-day fast, the 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. span will be a good way to experience fasting.”

Mark said that the response of both friends and the club members has been positive. “Some of the club members are very enthusiastic,” Mark said.

“We are hoping for success and a good turnout this year to set the pace for the years to come,” Jibrin said.