Investment club’s stocks performing far above market

Investment club’s stocks performing far above market

Investment Club is finishing third quarter with record profits and success on the market. The club, founded by current seniors Steven Yeh and Robert Scales, is an organization that invests real student dollars into certain stocks, as picked by the club as a whole.

“This has really been a great year for us. We’ve got more than fifty members signed up with the club, and most have a money invested through the club. While the financial year hasn’t quite come to a close for us, we’re looking at some real monetary success that all invested club members will be able to share. We expect to finish the year with at least a ten percent return,” said Steven Yeh, current Co-Chief Financial Officer.

The club allows the members to split into different committees, which choose different stocks according to industry and type. According to Yeh, the choice of stocks has been crucial in Investment Club’s recent success.

“We’re picking stocks that are known to perform well in the long-term. We picked a few safe stocks and a few that we thought would bring huge returns. Right now, our safe stocks include stable companies like Walt Disney. Our risky stocks include companies like Brazil Food Services, which is an international stock. Our most profitable stock is currently Goldman Sachs,” Yeh said.

However, Yeh recognizes that it’s been more than good stock decisions that have contributed to their success.

“Part of our success is that we got lucky. A lot of stocks are showing an upward trend. Especially in light of the market showing more positive returns and the increased amount of job creation, the economy is starting to bounce back. And now we get to split up our profit of over two hundred dollars amongst our club members.”