They’re back: courtyard geese begin nesting


The geese of the courtyard have returned again, taking their residence on a roof between the science and foreign language hallways.

In the few weeks since their arrival, the geese have already caused some trouble. Classes near the courtyard have reported disturbances caused by loud squawking.

Suhana Thakrar, sophomore, had an encounter with the belligerent geese last year during her P.E. class. “We were all walking to the football field and the goose was standing in our path. Our teacher told us to just go around it and give it some space but a few guys started quacking at it and the goose started honking and flapping its wings, trying to bite them. Everyone started screaming and running. It was just scared, but it was vicious,” Thakrar said.

Thakrar does not believe Central is an appropriate place for the geese to live. “I’m honestly not sure why the goose comes to our school every year to lay its eggs. A lot of people think it’s funny to scare the geese and chase them around, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the geese to think of our school as a safe environment,” Thakrar said.

However, she does admit that the geese are an interesting topic of conversation. “It does create a lot of hype, and gives us something to talk about and make jokes about. I think somebody named it Dontrelle last year,” Thakrar said.

“I don’t think there’s any real way of getting rid of the geese, so I guess the best response would be for the students to stop trying to scare it or chase it or taunt it. The only thing is that last year they closed the courtyard because people kept getting chased by the goose, which messed up my route to my classes,” Thakrar said. “Hopefully this year, the students will leave the goose alone so we can all just peacefully coexist.”