Luke Chen’s photography to be on exhibit


Senior Luke Chen’s photograph “The Wall” will be on exhibit in the Student Perspectives exhibit from May 3 to May 27 at the Perspective Gallery in Evanston, IL.

Chen originally submitted the photograph in a contest for review. “Ms. Milas, the art teacher for AP Studio Art and regular studio art, told me to apply for it, since she knew that I liked photography,” Chen said.

The photo was taken at Hinsdale Central, and it features a person walking by the wall facing the senior parking lot outside of the school auditorium. The picture itself makes use of many elements that Chen frequently uses in his photography.

“The photo was part of my scholastic portfolio, so it was about figures—people—on a really expansive background,” he said. “I use a lot of lines in my photographs. That’s kind of my style, so you can definitely see that in that photo.”

Chen has been interested in photography for  four years, and has used classes at Hinsdale Central to further develop his skills.