Aspire to Inspire holds recognition breakfast


This year teachers recognized each other and their students at the annual Aspire to Inspire breakfast held in the cafeteria.  Over 500 teachers and students received this recognition. Mrs. Pam Kalafut, Activities Director, runs the breakfast to recognize those who contribute greatly to the school’s character.

Students of many different ages, backgrounds, and interests received awards. Ryann Chioda, sophomore, was nominated this year because of her commitment to the Breaking Down the Walls club.  “It comes naturally to lead and to be creative,” Chioda said.

Personal qualities of the recipients also influenced the awards. “It surprised me that I was nominated,” said Kelsey Palmros, sophomore.  “I think it was because I try to do my best at being a good friend and not excluding anyone,” Palmros said.  Some characteristics she thinks are required for this award are empathy and kindness.  Palmros was excited to be in the company of others nominated.

All of these students possess admirable qualities that enabled them to receive the award, and Hinsdale Central wanted to acknowledge and applaud the character they have displayed.