Central students want more Pottermore


The wait has finally come to an end for Harry Potter fans. The long-awaited Pottermore, an interactive Harry Potter-themed website, has opened up for everyone as of Monday.

One Central student, Caroline Sudduth, got her Pottermore in August and has been a beta tester. “I participated in the Magic Quill challenge and won a beta tester spot for the website. The challenge was a riddle/trivia type thing, and I had to wake up at 5 a.m. to be on the website right when the challenge opened, since it runs in UK time. All the spots were filled within 10 minutes of the challenge opening, so I was lucky to get one! I think there were only a million beta testers total,” Sudduth said.

Most Pottermore players gravitated toward the site because of their love for Harry Potter. “I got a Pottermore because I love Harry Potter and I heard that JK Rowling was making this interactive Harry Potter website. So of course I wanted to check it out,” Sudduth said.

Despite the excitement, there have been some complaints about the site, namely that there isn’t much to do. “The excitement fizzled out fast. Once I got my account, I went through the virtual journey through the first book really fast. Basically it just takes you through every chapter with pictures and the occasional activity instead of words. I finished Sorcerer’s Stone in two days, and there was nothing left to do since none of the other books are available yet. So I didn’t really go on Pottermore after that,” Sudduth said.

Another complaint was the time it took for Pottermore to come out. Sudduth said,  “It was supposed to open up to everyone in early October, but the website had tons of problems with the servers overloading even with just a million members! So they had to delay the opening for six months until now, so they could work out all the kinks of the website.”

Despite some its the downsides, Sudduth is very happy with Pottermore. “I loved all the extra information about the books that JK Rowling wrote for the website. She knows almost everything about the magical world in her head, but only a very small fraction of what she knows actually made it into the books. So it was really cool to learn more about certain characters’ backstories and other details. I loved getting my wand because I’ve always wanted to know about the different wand woods and cores, and it explained it all. I also loved being sorted, because I the sorting quiz was really special and accurate, unlike any other I’ve ever seen,” Sudduth said.

Sudduth believes that almost all Harry Potter fans can get some amusement from Pottermore. Sudduth said, “I suggest that people get Pottermore accounts, since they are free and very fun for a few days or weeks. But if someone is looking for a Harry Potter game to last a little longer, I’d recommend getting one of the Harry Potter Lego games for Wii, because those are much more fun and interactive. Or you could just ditch the technology and have a wand duel with your friends in real life, and pretend Chemistry class is actually Potions class.”