Students travel to Thailand

Four Hinsdale Central students traveled with Toshiba to Thailand to discuss environmental issues this summer.

The students also traveled with students from Thailand, Poland, and Japan.  To be accepted on the trip, the students had to write two essays and be interviewed.

“The whole trip was based around getting students together from various countries around the world,” said James Paige, a science teacher who participated on the trip. “The goal was to get everyone together and discuss global environmental issues and think about ways to solve them.”

On the trip, students stayed at Farm Chokchai, an energy efficient farm.  While at the farm they learned how to plant rice and catch fish in the Thai culture.  According to Lily Chetosky, junior, they lived with nature.

After spending three days on the farm they spent the rest of their time in Bangkok at the Science Institute Energy Corporation. During their stay at the institute they took trips to different energy corporations.

“It was interesting to see from a teacher’s perspective how other countries teach education and teach about the environment and how they go about educating their students,” Paige said.  Chetosky’s most memorable experience was the people she got to meet.

“The thing I brought back is how wasteful our culture is compared to cultures that don’t have as much as us.  We take things for granted,” Chetosky said.