Math team sets goal to make state competition

Members and coaches of the math team have created goals that will help them earn their way to state this year.

One of the math team’s biggest goals this year is for all of the teams to make it to state.  “We would really like to see the whole team have the chance to go down to state and to compete at the state level,” said Julie Saller, the assistant head coach and the freshman coach.

Other goals are for students to improve on their math skills.  “I would like them to do more challenging problems and be able to get them correct,” said Abbey Green, the sophomore coach.

Since math team is a year-long commitment, it is hard for students to stay committed throughout the whole year.  “Math team is a full year thing so with as many kids as we have they’re involved in a lot of different things and so just getting them to come here every week and maintaining that is difficult,” Green said.

According to Green and Saller, math team also improves students’ abilities besides math.  ““In all of their classes, they know how to be a better problem solver and be creative with their problem solving,” Saller said.

“Going to state is a big accomplishment for any sport or club, so I’d like our students to represent our school.  It suggests that they have learned more difficult concepts throughout the year, retained their skills, and are able to apply them in challenging situations,” Green said.