Students experience food shortage in eighth lunch

After students have started to raise concerns about the size and lack of food in eighth lunch, Elizabeth Kujawa, Food Service Manager, plans to start a food committee compiled of students.

“I had eighth lunch last year and it was crowded then, but this year I think it’s a lot worse,” said David O’Mullan, junior. “It seems even more crowded, and it’s hard to find a seat because every table is full.”

Eighth lunch and sixth lunch both have about 613 students, which is larger than other lunch periods. However, because eighth lunch is the last period as well as the most crowded, there are problems with the amount of food.

“Compared to the lunch period I’ve had before, eighth lunch doesn’t have as much food,” said Collin Maloney. “They often run out of fries, and they barely have the drinks I want.”

The cafeteria staff, in light of the problems, has tried to recognize what could be the possible causes of the problem.

“When we’re out [of food], we need to anticipate and say we’re probably going to need more fries,” Kujawa said. “It’s also the fact that I’m new here, so it’s my first year working with this group of people, and it’s these people’s first year working with me. So we need a balance of how we work together.”

Kujawa thinks that the food committee is the best way to deal with this situation. “One of the things I’d like to do is start a food committee,” Kujawa said. “This way, I can get input on the way the different periods function, what kids like and don’t like about the menu, and suggestions on how to make the lines go faster.”