Dolla dancing for a teacher in need

This past week, Student Council and Class Board set up an emergency Dolla Dance that took place after the varsity football game on Friday in order to help a Central staff member in need. The dance generated over $1200 worth of proceeds in less than two hours for the staff member.

Jill Pocius, a senior and member of Student Council, said “Student Council and Class Board decided that, because there was a staff member who had some rough times, we wanted to do something to help. We thought if we advertised this Dolla Dance as a way to help this person, then people would come.”

According to Activities Director Mrs. Pamela Kalafut, the staff member experienced a house fire in June and lost all of her possessions. Initially, the staff member refused aid from Teachers In Need, a faculty-based organization which gives teachers or staff members in dire need financial aid. However, recently she expressed a need for clothing because of the destruction of fire.

“We brainstormed various ways to help the her because she needed clothes. We thought a clothes drive would be too hard because we didn’t really know what she and her family needed,” Pocius said.

Instead, student council decided that there would be a Dolla Dance to raise money, and all of the proceeds would be used to buy gift cards for clothing. Teachers In Need also decided to match whatever was made by the dance and give that amount.

“It was one massive dance party in the field house and all of the proceeds went to the teacher—it was pretty awesome,” Pocius said.