Let’s Help Out Club feeds less fortunate

The Brown Bags of Hope event created by the Let’s Help Out Club will volunteer for the less fortunate in inner-city Chicago on Nov. 3.

Hoseuk Kim, president of Let’s Help Out and founder of Brown Bags of Hope, explained, “Our organization packs brown bags of lunch… almost all the ingredients are donated. Afterwards, we sign the brown bags with a little personal message of hope and take the train to Chicago where we distribute the Brown Bags of Hope.”

Kim envisions a bright future for Brown Bags of Hope. “I hope to make this a more regular event this year and get more people to support our cause,” he said.

However, he acknowledges that there are possible complications. “The weather could not be cooperative. Some homeless people may be offended by our offering and not accept it although that has never happened,” Kim said.

In addition to helping the homeless, Kim says that Brown Bags of Hope is also a great way to meet and be inspired by new people from all walks of life. “One of the people I gave a BBH to had a sign that said ‘If you cannot give me money, shoot me a smile.’ He was a great guy,” Kim said.

This year, Kim expects about 25 participants to join him. He fervently believes that Brown Bags of Hope is making a difference. “We will never be able to completely eradicate hunger. But, we can do something about it. We like to base our goal on the quote by Mother Teresa: If you cannot feed 100 people, then just feed one,” Kim said.