E. coli infects phones, students disgusted

A recent study found that one in six cellphones are covered in traces of E. coli. The study suggests that E. coli bacterium infects the phone after people use the bathroom and don’t bother to use enough soap and water.

David Dulce, senior, was not surprised by these results. “Most of the students at Central rely on their iPhones and other pieces of technology as lifelines,” Dulce said. “As gross as it sounds, it’s not that hard to imagine students texting in the bathroom.”

According to a survey given to 40 randomly selected students, 12 out of 40 students sometimes bring their cellphones into the bathroom with them, and 7 out of 40 admitted to always bringing them.

Students said they found it also surprising that, while 29 out of 40 students stated they always washed their hands, 10 stated they only sometimes wash their hands.  One admitted to never washing his or her hands.

E. Coli Survey Results

How many students (out of 40 students) bring their phone with them into the bathroom?

Never: 12        Sometimes: 21             Most of the Time: 7

How many students (out of 40 students) wash their hands after going to the bathroom?

Never: 1          Sometimes: 10             Most of the time: 29

What do you think of the idea that E. Coli traces have been found on one out of six cell-phones?

It’s Gross: 29              What’s E. Coli?: 6       No opinion: 5