Nomophobia present in students

Nomophobia is the fear of being out of contact with mobile phones.  A recent survey created by the United Kingdom found two in three people have nomophobia.

The survey included 1,000 people and 66 percent said they felt fear without their phone.  Symptoms of nomophobia include never turning off your cellphone, making sure you always have your phone, constantly worrying about losing your phone, and having panic attacks when your phone runs out of battery.

Nathan Cloud, freshman, admits to having nomophobia.  “I check my phone every couple seconds, even in class,” Cloud said.  Cloud thinks high school students have nomophobia because it is one of the main forms of communication.

Students agree that the reason they have nomophobia is because they want to see who is texting them.  However, some students think the use of cell phones is exaggerated among high school students.  “I don’t think that many people do have nomophobia because a phobia is a very extreme case.  I think a lot of high-schoolers exaggerate how much they need their phone,” said Samantha McClary, sophomore.

Most students thought they could last for about a week without their phone, but some could only last a day.  “I wouldn’t know what’s happening with my friends.  I wouldn’t be able to ask anyone for help with homework,” said Chase Liljestrand, sophomore.  Liljestrand also checks his pockets to make sure his phone is still there.