Non-Hinsdaleans cause controversy in trick-or-treating


A portion of trick-or-treaters in Hinsdale are not actually Hinsdaleans. In fact, some travel to Hinsdale from all over the Chicago area. Why? It’s safe.

They seek safety in a low crime rate. Hinsdale’s crime rate is lower than the average rate of Illinois. City Data reports that Hinsdale ranks at 59.5 on the crime index. This compares to the 104.4 of Darien, the 116.8 of Willowbrook, and 127.5 of Westmont.

However, this situation has raised controversial opinions among some Hinsdaleans. At first, sophomore Brooke White liked the idea of trick-or-treaters coming to Hinsdale from other towns. However, she changed her mind because she didn’t know what kind of people would come. “It could be bad because they can be bad people,” White said. She believes it would defeat the purpose of coming to a safe place if crime-inducing people came too.

Other Hinsdaleans welcome trick-or-treaters to a safe neighborhood. Senior Grace Tate likes the idea of having trick-or-treaters come to Hinsdale from other towns. “People have plenty of candy to go around. If it’s safe, it’s not a problem,” Tate said.

Despite the varying opinions, no law prohibits non-Hinsdaleans from trick-or-treating in Hinsdale.