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Students plan to ditch on half-day


Starting last year, the administration decided to create a nonacademic half-day on Friday at the beginning of second quarter. To the students, the value of these half days is yet to be determined.

“I don’t think it’s important because there are no academics and it’s just three hours of assemblies and activities,” said Ashley Yelton, senior.

According to Assistant Principal of Operations Mr. William Walsh, the administration established this day because, out of the 185 days of school, too many of them were being cut short by assemblies and other extra activities. In order to maximize class time, Walsh said, they decided to create a half day and have all of those activities in a single three hour day.

“This is, to me, academic,” said Walsh. “It may not be academic in terms of instructional lectures, homework and assessments, but it’s academic in the sense that high school is not just your time in the classroom—it’s about social responsibility. And if we don’t have an opportunity to present that on this day, then class time on other days will have to be shortened. So these activities are required components of an academic program.”

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On Friday, students will be rotating between two assemblies; one will be a speaker, Harriet Tucker, and the other will be the Jostens. Aside from the assemblies, freshmen will also be participating in Red Devil Way, a program headed by Peer Leadership and Character Counts, while sophomores and juniors will be filling out guidance inventory. Seniors will be fitted for their graduation caps and gowns. All students will report to first period to take attendance and complete a Profile for Student Life survey.

Although there are activities scheduled, most students still don’t see a reason to come.  “It’s pointless,” said Sophia Brand, senior. “Why would you come? None of my friends are coming.”

However, Walsh said that the rate of attendance last year on this day was around 80 to 85 percent, so the majority of students did come to school.

“We want you here, we need you here. This is important, whether you recognize it or not. And we’re asking students to come for three hours; you have the rest of the weekend and that Friday afternoon to yourselves,” Walsh said.

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