Eight teens involved in car crash


After an SUV filled with eight sophomores crashed into a curb last Friday, two of the teens have sustained injuries.

According to the Hinsdale Patch, at 7:37 p.m. last Friday police were called about the accident. The Toyota Sequoia driven by a sixteen-year-old sophomore hit a curb and spun out of control after a “sudden and abrupt left turn.”  Two of the injuries were classified as “incapacitating” while the other five were “non-incapacitating.” It is unknown if the students were wearing seatbelts.

It is illegal to drive with more than one other teenager in a car if you are under 18 and have not had your license for a year. Brandon Kim, junior, understands the importance of obeying this law. “Having more than one person in the car can be distracting, especially at night,” Kim said.

Last Tuesday, Kim was driving on Ogden when the car in front of him drove through a large puddle. “I was in a Toyota Hybrid Highlander and it was raining hard,” Kim said. “When the car in front of me went through the water, it swerved and I immediately swerved to avoid it. I ended up hitting the car anyway.” Kim said he would not have been able to react as quickly if he was distracted by his friends.

Although the students are expected to recover, the dangers of car crashes can never be underestimated. A 15-year-old Metea Valley High School sophomore was pronounced dead two weeks ago after his car lost control and crashed into a garage.