Marijuana and same-sex marriage legalized, students react

Marijuana and same-sex marriage legalized, students react

While most of the country may have been focused on the election last night, another important decision was being made. In Colorado and Washington, citizens voted to legalize marijuana. In Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington, citizens voted to legalize same-sex marriage

Students have an overall liberal view on these issues, despite the conservative environment at Central (as seen with Romney winning last month’s mock election). When ten students were asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the enacting of this legislation, only one student said they disagreed.

Support for the legalization of marijuana stems from the belief that it will decrease overuse of the drug. Its medicinal and fiscal benefits are also argued. However, the particular argument that hits closest to home for many students is that the legalization of marijuana could make communities safer.

“I strongly believe in providing safe environments for kids. When these organized gangs, criminals and petty thieves have no more motivation, then crime goes down. They can’t make a profit selling something that is legal. And when they get jobs instead of charity, they won’t be on the streets,” said Rohan Gupta, junior.

“If marijuana becomes legalized but regulated, it would probably become just as hard to get marijuana as alcohol is. This would make communities much safer and kids drug-free,” said Kevin Huang, junior.

Similarly, most students support the legalization of gay marriage in some states because they argue that it is a basic human right, and that gay marriage doesn’t hurt anyone.

“[Gay marriage] should never be illegal in the first place, since that’s essentially a basic human right. It’s fundamental ideals like this that the US was built upon,” said Aditya Chempakasseril, junior.

“I feel that it’s part of giving equal rights to homosexuals, and I don’t feel that the government should be allowed to oppose marriage that is consensual and does not effect anyone else in any drastic way,” said Zena Ibrahim, junior.

This discrepancy may be due to the nature of these issues. Young people have been found to be liberal on social issues, according to a third party survey.

“I am pretty conservative, but on a few key issues I am pretty liberal,” Gupta said.