Parent Participation Day morphs teachers and students

Central will host its annual parent participation day Wednesday, Nov. 14. While many parents may look forward to this day, most students do not.  According to a survey, 71 percent of students do not want their parents attending parent participation day.

One reason why students are against parent participation day is because they don’t believe that it creates an accurate representation of daily life in school. For one, they think that teachers create a different classroom atmosphere around parents.

“I think that teachers act differently [on parent participation day] so parents have good views of the teachers,” said Ashley Yelton, senior.

“It’s a little biased. Teachers want to make it look like their class is the best or the most fun,” said Liz Keller, freshman.

Students also see their peers acting differently, and they don’t think that students can interact normally with parents around.

“You can’t talk to your friends in the hallway because you are with your parents,” said Regan Serwat, sophomore.

However, the main reason that students do not want their parents coming to school with them lies in the fact that they believe their parents will embarrass them.

“They don’t have social filters, and they say stuff that they shouldn’t,” said Shelby Long, sophomore.

Alanna Wong, sophomore, has experienced this type of embarrassment. “My mom calls me ‘baby’ and ‘honey.’ It makes me feel embarrassed around my peers,” said Wong. Some students however, do want their parents coming, and see it as an opportunity for their parents to glimpse into their lives.

“It’s cool for our parents to realize what we do,” said Madeline Engelking, senior.

Neverless, in the end, students usually have little say in whether their parents come for the day or not.

“My mother always goes whether I want her to or not,” said Elyssa Hawkins, junior.