Staff makes a difference


Students can award staff members who have gone above and beyond expectations with the ‘Make a Difference Awards.’

Every quarter, students, parents, and staff may nominate a person who has made a positive impact on their lives. With each nomination, applicants are asked to include specific examples of such exemplary behavior.  At the end of the quarter, six winners are given a commemorative certificate and Lettuce Entertain You gift cards.

“The purpose is to recognize some of the many acts of kindness and outstanding service at HCHS – not only by teachers, but by any staff member,” said Mrs. Annette Burlet, chair member of the ‘Make a Difference’ committee.

In the last quarter alone, the committee received 70 nominations. “We ask students to really think if there has been a staff member who has really made a difference in his/her life.  Not just by being a good teacher, or a helpful staff member doing their job, but someone who has truly gone beyond a job description to help that student or students,” Burlet said.

The awards show the character of the staff within the school. “We see how much good is being done at HCHS, how much the staff really cares about students not only academically, but also emotionally,” Burlet said.

Forms for nominations are currently available in the Guidance Office, Dean’s Office, and Library.