Mr. Hinsdale Pageant will hold tryouts

This month, during all lunches on Nov. 15, 16, 19, and 20, students will be able to nominate their male friends, or themselves, for the Mr. Hinsdale Pageant.  The pageant will take place Dec. 13 at 7 p.m.. in the auditorium. Half of the proceeds will go to the J. Kyle Braid Foundation, and the other half will go to any charity the winner desires.

The willing nominees will then go through a tryout, and three males from each grade will be chosen to participate in the pageant. “During the try outs, we will probably want to hear what they intend to be their talent, and we might ask a few questions to see how they think on their feet for the Q&A part of the pageant. From the try outs, three guys from each grade will be chosen to represent their class in the pageant,” said Jacqueline Bruns, senior and pageant coordinator.

The competition will include three segments: beauty, talent and question and answer. As of now, the show will be hosted by two undisclosed MCs. “For beauty, we are basically looking for a funny costume.  As for talent, do whatever makes you happy, like bake in an easy-bake oven. The show will be run by two MCs.  Presently, our MCs are a secret, but they are sure to be very entertaining. Finally, the guys will be rated by judges from throughout the community.  We are contacting people like Chuck from the Daily Scoop,” Bruns said.

Although Bruns is confident that the pageant will be successful, she does have some concerns. “I know that we will not have a shortage of nominations, but I am concerned that many guys will not actually want to try out once nominated by their friends.  We are trying to prevent this by advertising the event a lot and getting people excited about it,” she said.

Tickets for students will be $3 and the theme will be Winter Wonderland. “Once we have our 12 finalists, I think we will have a pretty good turnout.  Not only is this a school event, but a community event as well. This is going to be a great event,” Bruns said.