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Vending machines’ disappearance solved


The administration removed the two health food vending machines in the basement of the school because of technical difficulties.

“We were having problems with their reliability. The machines were shutting down by themselves and we couldn’t figure out why,” said Dan Jones, athletic director.

Additionally, the machines, which were connected remotely via cell phone to the vending machine company, had bad reception.

“The machines had an antenna for a cell phone and whenever the machine would break down it would send a call to the company and they would come and fix it. The basement wasn’t the best location for their cell phone reception,” Jones said.

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In the end, the machines had nowhere else to go, and the admistration decided that the vending machines should be taken away.

“The company was frustrated with the machines and where they were located, and we couldn’t put them up in the cafeteria because Quest runs the cafeteria and they have their vending machines up there. It was in agreement that we ended our contract with the company,” Jones said

Though Jones hasn’t heard any students mention the vending machines’ removal, the machines were popular among students because of their healthier, cheaper options.

“They had better prices for drinks than the line upstairs and some of the food was dope. For example, they had a lot of protein bars and kettle popcorn,” said Saba Imran, junior.

“They had good food. It was healthier. Upstairs it’s all chips,” said Melody Duan, junior.

Currently, the administration is working on bringing in new machines, though a timeframe is uncertain.

“We’re looking to do something healthy again. Mr. Walsh is heading it up. I believe they are in the process of trying to get some companies together that would be interested in binging in the machines. It could be a matter or weeks or a matter of months,” Jones said.

In the meantime, the drink machines from the science hallway will be temporarily moved downstairs, according to Jones.

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