Compliments abound on anonymous Hinsdale Compliments Facebook page

Just before the end of winter break, a Facebook page called Hinsdale Central Compliments started where students could submit anonymous compliments of others.

The creator behind the Facebook page initially got the idea from other high school compliments’ pages and wanted to make one for Central. “I saw the success of Naperville North’s pages and the really positive reactions that the students had and I thought, ‘Hey, I should do that. That would be a good idea,’” HC Compliments’ creator said.

The purpose behind the page was centered around making Central a more positive place. “This page was created right before finals, which is when some of us struggle the most, but it can also help people whenever they need to be a little uplifted,” HC Compliments’ creator said.

So far the response from students has been positive. “I think that Hinsdale Central Compliments is a really good idea. I feel like it truly uplifts the moods of the people who get the compliments because it shows that people appreciate them,” said Mayank Mehta, junior. “The compliments I’ve gotten have been quite funny, and they’ve definitely made my day.”

The person behind the Facebook page believes that the page is successful. “I think the page has really encouraged everyone to be better people and to let people know they they’re being appreciated, and I hope this trend continues in the future,” HC Compliments’ creator said.

The person behind the compliments page is still unknown to the greater public and wishes to remain anonymous.  There is speculation over who he or she may be, but there have been no definite conclusions. ”I overhear people talking about it all the time in school, and it really feels good when people compliment or thank me in secret. I love everyone’s reactions, and I think it proves that everyone is a good person at heart,” HC Compliments’ creator said.