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Spirit Week fails to spark spirit


Last week, varsity club hosted its annual spirit week to coordinate with the Pack the Place pep rally. The dress days during the spirit week served as a competition for $500 worth of prom money. The freshmen won the prize with a participation count of 758 students.

“The dress days are always competitions between classes; this year we tried to do easy days that everyone could participate in, and we had one creative day to try to get people involved,” said Gretta Richter, senior and varsity club president.

Though hundreds of students participated (636 seniors, 606 juniors and 560 sophomores), some have noticed inconsistencies with the score tabulating, which was done daily by 2nd period teachers.

“Some teachers have been really good about it, but some haven’t. For example, my teacher kept track the first couple days, but then it kind of tapered off,” said Allison Shaner, senior.

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There are a couple of different reasons why teachers aren’t always able to keep track of these tallies, according to Shaner.

“Some of it’s not having the [tally] sheets, some of it is forgetting. They are so busy with what they are teaching and with class activities, so they just forget,” Shaner said.

Mr. Randy Gawlik, science teacher, believes that the time needed to tally the spirit wearers is the main problem.

“In science, we’re going bell to bell. It’s enough of an interruption first period, with the announcements and the pledge. Now, we have to do another thing to go on the same size plate.  It places the burden on the teachers,” Gawlik said.

These inconsistencies have lead students to question the accuracy of the results.

“They don’t get an accurate count. So, it’s not really fair,” Shaner said.

Nevertheless, students and teachers alike enjoy getting involved in the spirit days.

“I think it’s a good idea. I’m not sure if it was executed in the best way,” Shaner said.

“In our department, almost all the teachers wore spirit attire,” Gawlik said.

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