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Winter Formal is the new Turnabout


Varsity Club decided to replace Turnabout with a Winter Formal due to the results of a winter dance survey conducted last year. Sally Phillip, special education teacher and co-sponsor of Varsity Club, is expecting a big turn-out for the Winter Formal because of the overwhelming majority who voted against a Turnabout.

“We typically have about 700-900 kids. If we have that this year it will be a success,” Phillip said. With this average turn-out, Philip believes the field house seems a lot more open and empty. As a result, the dance will be held in the cafeteria to prevent a disconnected feeling.

“We are trying a new location [because] when there are less than 1000 kids at a dance, the field house looks huge. We just wanted to make it feel a little more quaint and not look so empty.  The cafeteria was our best option,” Phillip said.

It was Varsity Club’s decision as a whole to change the dance from the field house to the cafeteria. “As a Varsity club sponsor, it was me and Mrs. Hiffman along with members of our club who came up with the idea of a new location of the dance. We then went through the Activities Director Mrs. Kalafut, and I met with Mr. McGrory about this as well.  Everyone was in agreement that maybe a change in venue would be a refreshing change,” Phillip said.
Although the location will be different, students should expect an experience similar to Homecoming.

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“I think it is basically the same type of dance. The student body voted on semi-formal, so that is what it is, just like Homecoming. We are keeping a professional DJ and have all that we normally offer at a dance, so I don’t see the mood of things changing. The lights will be out, so it won’t be like how it is at lunch time; we are decorating and changing the atmosphere,” Phillip said.

For some students, the location is a turn-off. “I’m not sure if I’m going, but I know a lot of people in my grade are mad that they changed the venue. We’re used to having dances in the field house, and this seems kind of weird,” said Michaela Guevarra, sophomore.

However, Phillip does not see any reason a student would not enjoy this dance if they enjoyed Homecoming.

“Decorations will be simple: winter, snowflakes, [and] twinkle lights.  [For] music, we are trying a new DJ from ‘Dance Party DJs.’ There will be a surprise during the dance just like we did at Homecoming where there was a balloon drop,” Phillip said.

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