Winter Formal dance cancelled

The Winter Formal dance has been cancelled due to a lack of ticket purchases, according to Maggie Deiss, junior and board member for Varsity Club.

Having sold only about 50 tickets, Varsity Club made the announcement today that they would have to refund all ticket purchasers.  “It just stinks because we’ve already paid for the decorations and the DJ,” Deiss said.  “We spent the past two weeks working really hard on the dance.”

According to Deiss, not many people purchased the tickets because there were too many changes made to the dance, from the location being changed to the cafeteria, to the change from Turnabout to Winter Formal.

However, Deiss thinks that the changes don’t matter much in the end.  “Even if it was still Turnabout and still in the Fieldhouse, I don’t think a lot of people would have gone.”