Cut prom cost with creativity

Varsity Club is hosting its annual Prom Video Contest, in which seniors will have the opportunity to win free prom tickets by submitting a DVD of them asking their dates to prom.

“We watch all the videos and we vote on the best one; the winner gets free prom tickets. The more creative the asking, the better chances are to win,” said Mrs. Sally Philip, co-sponsor of Varsity Club.

There have been many creative videos in the past, typically guys asking girls. Often, students will ask staff for assistance. “There was a kid last year who asked maintenance to help him use a lift and come up to the second story [of the school]. He asked that way and had thematic music,” Philip said.

Students also ask their dates in more personal ways by incorporating parts of their life. “There was a group of boys who danced a pom routine in front of the girl’s house to ask her,” Philip said.

The requirements are that the clip is five minutes or less, in DVD format, and in conjunction with the prom theme (chosen by the senior class board) which is “Happily Ever After. ” Philip is expecting between 10 and 15 submissions this year. They are due April 12, and the winning video will be announced April 13.