Central creates a cookbook

The Character Counts Community Connections Committee has decided to create a Hinsdale Central cookbook called Devilish Dishes this year, in honor of retiring custodian Andre Gagnon.

Mrs. Maria Pierce, PTO president and a parent involved in creating the cookbook, said “[Gagnon] worked as a custodian at Central for 27 years, and during that time he always loved sharing recipes with the staff and students.”

Mrs. Pam Kalafut, director of student activities, leads the Character Counts Community Connections Committee. Fifteen years ago, Kalafut and Gagnon made a cookbook together. Gagnon had the idea of recreating another cookbook of comfort food as one last hoorah before retiring this past January. “This is in Andre’s honor,” Kalafut said.

The committee put the plan into action and asked clubs and sports teams at Central to submit recipes. “We have almost 300 recipes,” Kalafut said.

“The idea was to have every club, organization and academic department represented, but that proved to be a bit cumbersome to accomplish. But, we are happy with the cross-section of groups and individuals who have submitted recipes,” Pierce said.

The cookbook will be sold for $15.00 at the Hinsdale News Agency, at school and online. Proceeds will be donated to Families Helping Families, TIN and Boosters grants. “We’ll do presales at the end of April and big time sales for Mothers’ Day,” Kalafut said.

The Character Counts Community Connections Committee is excited to introduce the cookbook, as the committee is involved in a variety of other community-centered events, including the Aspire and Inspire breakfast and the organization of community condolences and support.