Microfinance hosts Ping Pong fundraiser

The Microfinance Club will be hosting a ping pong tournament fundraiser. The sponsors are confident because it has been held in the past and requires relatively low preparation.

The money raised in this tournament will be loaned to people without access to traditional banks. “The idea is that we are going to be raising money which we are going to use to donate to people on KIVA. We already have an account set up with them, and we’ve made almost 100 loans out to people,” said Ms. Eve Winiarski, co-sponsor of Microfinance Club.

To raise as much money as possible, the sponsors are also counting on people uninvolved in the tournament to donate towards the funds for Kiva. “We’re hoping that we are going to be able to raise money from not only the people who are actually taking part in the ping pong tournament like the actual players, but also from people in the community sponsoring us,” Winiarski said.

Ms. Winiarski has high expectations for this event based on how it has gone in the past. “We’ve already got a bunch of sponsors, and now we’re just in the process of signing people up. I think that there is probably a lot of interest out there. So, we’re hoping that we are going to have a ton of people,” Winiarski said.

The sponsors have a few concerns because of the organization of the event. “I think our biggest concern is just making sure that everything is set up well. In the past it’s gone really well so I think we’re pretty confident it’ll be good again. We did a [McDonald’s] fundraiser earlier this year.  We did a good job with that, raising money, so I think we just want to make sure that we can keep that up,” Winiarski said.

The tournament will be held Sunday, April 14th, and participation is a $10 fee.