Teachers, students, staff stay afloat during downpour

Today staff and students skidded through puddles and ponds to make it to school.  Nearby schools such as Downers Grove North and South, all the Glenbard schools, Fenwick, Proviso West, and York High School were cancelled.  Other schools, such as Naperville Central and North and Nazareth Academy have early dismissals.

Overnight, there were five total inches of rain accumulated and heavy storms will continue on later this afternoon.

Teachers especially had a hard time getting to school.  In the English Department alone, there were two teachers who couldn’t get to school at all, two who came late, and internal teacher substitutes who volunteered to fill in for substitutes could not make it.  “Everyone in the department really pitched in,” said Mrs. Teresa Palumbo, administrative assistant to the English Department Chair.  “It was chaotic, but it all worked out.”

Flooded basements and roadways prevented staff from making it to school on time or at all.

The decision to cancel the school is made by the superintendent who looks through all the factors.  “In 18 years as an administrator, I have never seen [school closed early] for anything but snow,” said Principal Michael McGrory.