Students walk the Walk for Autism

The Walk for Autism raised a record breaking amount of over $100,000.  The number of participants was 1,587 walkers, which was 300 more than last year.  Both of these numbers surpassed the goal for the walk.      

“I was extremely proud and impressed with the overall turnout.  Not only walkers, but we had had a great group of sponsors and volunteers that made the walk a success,” said volunteer coordinator Maddie McCormick.

In order to achieve the goals for the walk this year, the students had to create new ways to attract new walkers to the event.  “We did a lot of advertising this year,” McCormick said.  There was a Facebook, Twitter, posters and a video made all to attract new walkers.  Organizers started the walk an hour later, which according to McCormick, people seemed to like more.

Haleigh Monyek, junior, participated in the Walk for Autism for her third time. ““I think this was the most successful year. I noticed new enthusiasm about the walk.  Tons of people were trying to get their sports teams and friends to sign up,” Monyek said. She also noticed Springfest helped attract a larger crowd.

Marley Marano, junior, walked the walk for her first time this year.  She noticed there was more advertising put out, which encouraged her to participate in the walk. “Everyone who was there was really excited and enthusiastic to walk and help out,” Marano said. 

Marano walked because she wanted to support the Autism Walk. “Even though one person isn’t a large contribution every person counts and is so extremely helpful,” Marano said. Monyek participated to help the community. “It’s a super easy way to give back to the community,” Monyek said.