Senior Superlatives


Some categories have been deleted by the administration.

Prom King: Carl Lamoureux

Prom Queen: Emily Schaefer

Hottest Guy: Chris Zott

Hottest Girl: Michelle Hately

Class Dad: Nick Piker

Class Mom: Jill Pocius

Bachelor: Andrew Eck

Bachelorette: Anna Paulson

Jock: Brian Owens

Jockette: Fiona McKenna

Brainiest Guy: Sagar Dommaraju

Brainiest Girl: Jennifer Lohmeier

Cutest Couples: Danny Flynn and Olivia Garrett/ Jared Eck and Cassie Floersch/ George Parks and Isamar Baralles

Best Friends: Madeline Engelking and Avery Burridge

Best Dressed Guy: Jeremy Cai

Best Dressed Girl: Tess Civikota

Best nickname: Mike “Buda” Budicak

Best Smile: Paige Smiles

Human Dictionary: Alex Newkirk

Class Clown: Louis Skibicki

Teachers’ Pet: Sara Otto

Oldest Soul: Max Cornell

Nicest: Jill Pocius

Chillest Bro: Henry Lagor

Biggest Hipster: Patrick Hipes

Biggest Caffeine Addict: Connor Johnson

Most likely to be President: Ana Carell

Most likely to be twitter famous: Julie Kanter

Most likely to be famous: Kelly Hannemann

Most likely to get married out of high school: Erica Heidler and college boyfriend