Asbestos uncovered at Central


Instead of getting ready for their 3-mile run after school in the boys’ locker room, Trent Hyland, senior, and other members of the cross country team get undressed in room 154, a health classroom.

“It’s been kinda rough not having a locker, but then again if its full of asbestos I’m not in a rush to go back in there,” Hyland said.

The team can’t get lockers in the locker room until the asbestos that workers found there on Aug. 23 is removed. The removal will take place Sept. 9 through Sep. 12.but until then,

Mr. Pat Hurley, Head of Buildings and Grounds, said that there is little asbestos there and it is undisturbed. The asbestos is dangerous only when it is damaged.

Mr. William Walsh, Assistant Principal said, “The building is over 70 years old, so there is asbestos on this campus whether it’s behind a floor tile or around pipes that are behind walls,”

When asbestos is damaged, the super thin fibers (that are as thick of 1/4 of a strand of hair) go airborne, and can get into people’s lungs.   Hurley has dealt with discoveries of asbestos in the past.

“We got most of it out over the course that we started in the 80’s. Everything that we know is bad we got out, but this, we didn’t know it was there,” Hurley said.

The asbestos is mainly located behind the plumbing wall of a storage closet where contractors are building the new concession stand in the gymnasium. The asbestos that is in the locker room is pipe insulation surrounding a drain pipe within the ceiling. The tent and glove bag method will be used to dispose of the 35 feet of asbestos pipe insulation. The procedure is estimated to cost between $8,000-$9,000.

In response to parents’ concerns, Hurley said, “We’re following every law, as a matter of fact, we’re going above and beyond”

The school plans to get rid of the remainder of the asbestos left in the school little by little each summer.

“Eventually the school as far as we know will be asbestos free, but you just never know when you knock down a brick wall what will be behind it,” Hurley said.