New home access site raises concerns


The administration made a complete overhaul of the Home Access Center on the Hinsdale Central Website.  The format of the website is entirely changed, as are many of the functions.

Many students are not very fond of the new website.  “They made it more confusing than it needed to be,” said Danny Allan, junior.

“It was working fine the way it was; it didn’t need to be changed,” Forrest Harvey, junior.

This seems to be the current theme among students.  The new website has a completely different setup for finding grade totals, classes, and transcripts, making it harder to check up on school related progress and schedules.

“ This site is like anything that needs to be changed.  We treat it like any other electronic devices.  It’s all about upgrades,” said Mr. William Walsh, assistant principal.

Walsh also said, “We were working in an old system, it needed a change.  We uploaded the new system overnight and it was very easy. “