IHSA awards Almaraz for hospitality


To the sound of roaring applause, Mr. Juan Almaraz, custodian, walked across the gymnasium floor to receive a “Sport a Winning Attitude” certificate for  from the Illinois High School Association. The IHSA awarded the school in honor of Almarz’s exceptional hospitality of the IHSA officials during a football game.

“I was happy, about to cry. Someone watching what you’re doing, that’s good, knowing that somebody cares about what I do. You feel good, you feel comfortable,” Almaraz said.

Impressed by Almaraz’s exemplary behavior, an IHSA official commended him to the IHSA. They sent a certificate to Hinsdale Central commending all the staff (but with a focus on Almaraz) for the high conduct of behavior held at Central.

“Juan greets the officials before a football game, brings them to the locker room, fill out the forms, bring them out to the field. He is a great host and representative for our school and I think that official really realized what a representative he is,” said Mrs. Wanda Swick, administrative assistant.

Almaraz began working at Central in 1997, following the recommendation of a friend, and said that, since then, he has found happiness at Hinsdale Central.

The certificate, now framed, can be found hanging proudly at Almaraz’s home.