Senior “no homework” weekend questioned


Instead of opening up her math textbook this weekend, senior Phoebe Glazko will be opening up her laptop and taking advantage of the seniors’ no homework weekend.

“I know I will definitely be writing college essays this weekend,” Glazko said.

Central’s guidance department implements an annual no homework weekend for seniors in order to give them time to focus on their college applications. However, some seniors have noticed inconsistencies in the way their teachers handle the weekend.

“I definitely still have homework. It’s nice that some of my teachers are actually making it homework-free, but most are assigning twice as much the day before to be due after the weekend,” Glazko said.

“Most of my regular classes are actually not giving homework, but my Spanish honors class will probably have homework because we have a test on Friday,” senior Amy Spencer said.

According to senior teachers, the main reason for these inconsistencies is the difficulty of re-formatting their lesson plans.

“We implemented the no-homework weekend a couple years ago, so I’ve learned to adjust my lesson plans for that week. Many of my colleagues, and myself, end up making things that would ordinarily be due after the weekend due before,” said Brian Mitchell, AP Economics teacher.

In order to combat this problem, some teachers try and delay material.

“Originally I had a test scheduled that day, and several of us did. And I started thinking, ‘that’s probably what all the teachers are gong to do.’ So Mrs. Baker and I, who work calculus together, both decided that we would push our tests back because of that,” said Wendy Orloff, Calculus AB teacher.

Considering the difficulties in implementing no homework weekend, some teachers and students wonder if it’s really the school’s responsibility to give students a homework free weekend.

“I think that schools aren’t responsible for the students finishing their apps and all, but I do think they should take it in to consideration when planning the beginning of the year in order to keep stressed students generally stress free,” Spencer said.

“I think in general teachers need to be considerate during the first quarter for seniors because they have their college applications and their essays and all of that’s due by November 1st. Does their have to be a no homework weekend though? I don’t think so, because every kid is going to figure out when is the best time for them anyway,” Orloff said.