Spanish Club hosts piñata fiesta


Alessia Di Nunno, junior, watched as candy rained down from a bashed piñata in the courtyard. Kit Kats, Snickers, and Butterfingers scattered the ground, and students rummaged through the pile, collecting candy.

The Spanish club hosted a piñata breaking in the courtyard Friday morning, and encouraged everyone, even students who weren’t a part of the club, to join them in the event.

“We needed to do more things to promote the club and get people involved,” Di Nunno said. “I think it’ll draw more students in because it’s open to the public.”

Spanish Club also hosts bake sales and language Olympics to promote their club, but this was the first time they held a piñata-breaking event.

“[The piñatas were] from the Pilsen area of Chicago, so they’re authentic,”Di Nunno said. Four piñatas full of candy were brought to the event, but only one was broken open.

“We definitely are doing another [piñata event] because we have three more piñatas full of candy,” said Zena McCarthy, junior and co-president of Spanish Club. “And it attracted people. I’m sure a couple more faces will be in Spanish club next Thursday morning.”

The Spanish Club plans to have more piñata breakings in order to use up the left over piñatas that are still filled with candy. The events will take place in the courtyard before school.

“It’s not just for Spanish speakers,” Di Nunno said. “It’s for anyone who wants to come and enjoy Spanish culture.”