Heiser creates Central app


Students now have an efficient way to check their grades thanks to sophomore Jake Heiser and his Hinsdale Central High School iPhone application.

The app includes a calendar with school and sporting events, Home Access, the directory, daily announcements, and various other useful links.

“I started about Christmas time in sixth grade, and I made my first app. It was called Fast Flash Cards,” Heiser said

Things just grew from there. “During the summer after eighth grade Quizlet hired me to go down to San Francisco for eight weeks and make their official iPhone app. I worked at their headquarters,” Heiser said.

Then, during freshman year Heiser realized that Home Access Center was less than perfect. He started to work on the grades portion of the application and got it done.

“This year I realized it could be a full featured app that all students could use. So I finished it,” Heiser said.

He finished the entire application without even talking to administration. Then afterwards, Heiser discussed it with the assistant principal.

And for students wanting an app for Android or Windows, Heiser said it is totally different and isn’t in his plans.