Roof climbers continue to evade identification


Frank Wright and Suzy Skowronski of Central’s Building and Grounds Department discovered two masked individuals attempting to climb onto the roofing that covers the walkway leading into the pool door entrance on Friday, Nov. 1.

After facing confrontation from Wright and Skowronski, the two individuals jumped down and fled across Grant St., ultimately escaping into the neighborhood directly to the east.

Currently, video camera footage of the pair trying to gain access to the roof is being reviewed and analyzed by School Resource Officer Mark Keller and the Dean’s Office staff, but, so far, suspects have not been identified.

“[The individuals] appear to be males from the security camera video footage,” said Kimm Dever, director of deans.

The individuals’ motivation for climbing on the roof is also uncertain; however, the Dean’s Office staff and Officer Keller have their suspicions regarding a possible senior prank.

“[The] administration has received some information that some students have been talking about using duct tape to put ‘Class of 2014’ on the roof,” Dever said.

The weekend of the event, the Hinsdale Police Department increased patrolling around the school and kept extra lights on in the parking lots and on Dickinson field.

Although it seems the pair’s plans were thwarted, the school is taking the event very seriously, and will continue to investigate the situation and ways in which situations such as this can be prevented in the future.

“We will be looking at ways to limit access to the roof,” Dever said.