Seniors participate in class-wide gift exchange


Next week, senior Riley Glenn will be giving a holiday gift to someone and receiving a gift from someone she likely doesn’t know as part of an inaugural senior class wide secret Santa.

“I feel like it is a great way to help our class become closer and, for most people, get out of their comfort zone. In most cases, people are buying for other seniors they either don’t know or haven’t talked to in a long time,” Glenn said.

Seniors Lily Chetosky and Paxton Gammie got the idea of organizing the class-wide secret Santa after Chetosky’s cousin broke the world record for organizing the largest secret Santa with the feeder schools in her area.

“I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition for seniors at Hinsdale Central,” Chetosky said.

After a Facebook post in the senior class group, those interested in participating simply gave their name to Chetosky or Gammie and were given someone else’s name in return.

“The picking was completely random. I was given half of the names and so was Paxton. We put the names in a mix-up and then contacted each person either through Facebook or texting to let them know who they had,” Chetosky said.

Although this is the first year, Chetosky has noticed a good response from students so far.

“We got many excited seniors that were interested. We are unsure of the exact number, but it keeps growing,” Chetosky said.

Those participating in the secret Santa must cleverly deliver their gifts between Monday and Wednesday of next week.   Many are looking forward to the gift exchange.

“I think it is awesome that people can get back in contact with each other or even just like an ‘Oh look what so and so got me,’” Glenn said.

“Giving and receiving gifts is awesome during the holiday season,” said Vince Zenner, senior and secret Santa participant.