Teachers and Board reach tentative agreement


courtesy of Hinsdale Sun Times

Parents, students, and teachers attended the D86 Board meeting on Monday, Oct. 6.

The Hinsdale High School Teacher Association (HHSTA) and the District 86 Board of Education have reached a tentative agreement.  A press release was posted on hhsta.org on Oct. 9 which stated, “While no details have been released, the teachers have reached tentative agreement with the school board’s new negotiating team.”

On Monday, Oct. 6, the Board of Education held a meeting, and more than 1,000 community members filled the Hinsdale Central cafeteria.  The meeting began at roughly 6:30 p.m. and lasted until 1:30 a.m. There were more than 70 audience members who signed up to speak in front of the board.  Many of the audience speakers were parents and students addressing to the board about the importance that there be no strike.

The seven hour meeting did not result in a negotiation, but instead the board replaced two of the board negotiators, Dr. Richard Skoda and Mr. Edward Corcoran. A statement was released the following morning by John Bowman, president of the teachers’ association, stating, “The teachers want to thank all of the community members who came out and stayed late to show their support. This is another indicator of how much the community cares about our students, our schools, and our teachers. It was a heart-warming show of support.”

The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 9 during which the HHSTA and Board of Education negotiators met to discuss the current proposal. This was a closed meeting. That evening the news was released that there was a tentative agreement, meaning that the teachers will not go on strike. The next step includes both the board and HHSTA voting to accept this new agreement.

“I am happy to hear that we have reached a tentative agreement,” said Julie Conroy, Spanish Teacher.

Conroy is not the only one relieved that a tentative agreement has been reached. Students were elated that their studies and athletics would not be interrupted.