Central hosts annual Pancake Breakfast


Michael Claussen

The annual pancake breakfast attracted students, parents, teachers and other community members.

Homecoming morning, Oct. 11, Central hosted the annual Pancake Breakfast for students, alumni, and community members with pancakes made by teacher volunteers.

“[The Pancake Breakfast] has been going on for a long time,” said Ed Lynch, P.E. teacher. “It benefits any student who is going into teaching for a scholarship.”

The Pancake Breakfast takes place every year on the morning of Homecoming. The breakfast serves as an impetus to the festivities of Homecoming day.

“This is my first year going to the breakfast as an alumnus,” said John Claussen, Central alum. “I went while I still attended [Hinsdale Central], but it’s enjoyable to come back and enjoy some pancakes at your old school.”

Current students also enjoyed the breakfast and what it had to offer.

“It’s a Hinsdale Central tradition,” said Connor Magnesen, junior. “The pancakes are great, and you can go to the football game right after.”

The breakfast requires a small fee to attend, and the proceeds go directly to scholarship funds for students in need of financial aid for college attendance.

“I think the breakfast does a good job of attracting people and raising money,” Claussen said.

Magnesen added, “It’s really great to see all of the teachers you’ve had over the years working the pancake breakfast. It gives you a chance to catch up with them if you haven’t seen them in awhile.”

A wide array of teachers attended the pancake breakfast either to volunteer or to enjoy breakfast. The volunteer number was higher than normal this year, and Lynch was eager to join the volunteering.

“I’ve never been able to,” Lynch said. “I’d like to. I think it’s a cool tradition, and I’d like to volunteer.”

Despite the breakfast holding a rich tradition in the Hinsdale Central Homecoming roots, this year the breakfast attracted a particularly wide range of people. Magnesen attributes this growth to the recent interest in talks of a potential District 86 teacher strike.

“I think the [possibility of] a strike has brought everyone together,” Magnesen said. “The breakfast gave Hinsdale a chance to support each other once again.”