Oct. 20 board meeting results in agreement between HHSTA and board


Matt Stockmal

Board members wait for the public comment time to begin at the Oct. 20 meeting.

After a quick introduction, immediate amendment to vote, private consul, and then brief voting, the HHSTA and District 86 came to an agreement, approved by the school board on Monday, Oct. 20. A 4-3 vote in favor of the proposed contract by the teachers’ union stops a strike from occurring in this upcoming school year.

The meeting, though less populous compared to the meeting on Oct. 6, was just as passionate and fiery, as the crowd continuously heckled the board after comments that they disapproved of.

Board member at the head of the finance committee, Mr. Ed Corcoran, called for a delay of the vote to approve the contract, stating the proposal of the union should be released and understood by the public before being approved. He wanted the delayed vote to take place on Friday, Oct. 24.

At this suggestion, a woman from the crowd approached the stage and asked them to vote on the issue now. Dr. Richard Skoda began to bang the gavel repeatedly to calm her and the bustling crowd, which she brought to their feet in support of her and of the vote taking place during the meeting.

The crowd eventually silenced and the vote commenced. Corcoran voted no to the proposal as he viewed it as financially unsustainable for the district’s future, and he believed the public was uninformed thoroughly about the agreement.

Other members like Kay S. Gallow offered one word, “yes.”

Though the agreement provides stability in this upcoming year, it will end in two years, which might bring conflict for freshmen and sophomores as they become juniors and seniors.